Frequently Asked Questions

Just Ask, we are here to help you !

Can we out source our Service Award Programme to Havens?

We will take on as much as you wish, freeing up your valuable time.

Can we just have a small selection of Gifts?

No problem, just let us know your budget per gift and we will put together a selection of products and produce a Catalogue/Leaflet to suit your needs.

What Budget is acceptable per Gift?

That is very much a matter of your own choice and budget constraints. A starting bench mark however would be £10 for each year worked. The key consideration is not just about how much you give but how you do it.

How many Years of Service should be recognised?

The norm used to be after 20 Years and then 5 year increments. The truth now is that we have Companies rewarding from 5 Years. It is about showing your appreciation and recognising your employees loyalty.

What are the Benefits in Kind Inland Revenue Tax Implications

The Inland revenue set guide lines on what is acceptable and not in lieu of Long Service Award Schemes and we go into more detail elsewhere. Here is also a link to HR Customs and Excise with some relevant information.

How does the Points Catalogue work?

Points are purchased at 10p = 1 point e.g. £200.00 = 2000 points. You decide your budget we provide you with a Presentation Pack including catalogue, order form and covering letter with the points allocation for you to send to each of your Awardees. For the above example you will be invoiced £200.00 plus VAT.

How do we order the Gifts?

Order forms are provided with information on how to order and are normally returned directly to us by the awardee. However if you wish to collate the orders that’s fine too.

Can Awardees add to their Gift?

Yes, the order form explains how they can buy additional Points from us.

What about Delivery?

Gifts can be delivered to Awardees homes, to their line Managers or in bulk to a venue ready for a presentation.

How are we Invoiced?

For bulk orders delivered to one address we invoice you on the day the goods leave us.
For ongoing orders we accumulate and invoice once a Month. Payment is strictly 30 Days.

Can you personalise Gifts?

We provide an engraving service on suitable items. We can provide framed or laminated Certificates acknowledging achievement.

Do you Gift Wrap?

Most items can be gift wrapped – with the exception of really bulky Gifts

How do you deal with Queries?

You will be assigned an account Manager who will look after all enquiries from your Awardees and yourself. Contact details are on all the literature.

Do you charge for this Service?

Generally there are no additional charges for the Services we provide with the exception of personalisation and non UK delivery.

What about Product Guarantees?

We use world class high quality Branded products all of which we are happy to Guarantee.

What happens to Breakages?

You have three days to notify us of any transit breakages which we will replace as soon as possible.

How long does it take to fulfil an order?

We carry most of the products in our store and will attempt to deliver within 48 hours Monday to Friday 9.00-5.30, unless there is a special request. Occasionally if an item is out of stock or is made to order we will advise the awardee of the anticipated delivery schedule.

What if my Employee has a special request?

They can contact our helpline and we will always attempt to accommodate special requirements.

What happens if a Product is discontinued?

If the manufacturer discontinues or alters the specification of a product we will advise the awardee and replace with an alternative of similar or higher value.