Loyalty and Long Service Awards

Rewarding staff since 1901

Toaster, Knife Set

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The days of the Gold Carriage Clock to recognise Loyalty & long service are now firmly in the past

We are able to provide a one stop, end to end solution to suit your particular needs and budgets, with most of our clients choosing from one of the following options.

Option 1: Individual Award Catalogue

Bespoke product catalogues to meet your budgets. This allows for a small selection of quality long service gifts all of a specific value where you can have more control over the choice. This option is also available online and is best suited to lower value awards.

Option 2: The Points Catalogue

This gives your colleagues the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of quality products both from a printed catalogue and online with over 7,000 quality reward gifts to choose from.
Points are purchased at 10 pence each e.g. if your award is £200 your employee will have 2000 points available to select gifts. They can also buy additional points should their chosen gift exceed their allocation.

Option 3: Personalised Items

We can also provide specific individual items which can be personalised or create a customised scheme for you.

Option 4: Your Choice!


Lady Holding Gift

If none of the above options meet your requirements,
we are flexible enough to create a scheme to suit you.

Rewarding your Loyal staff shows you truly appreciate the contribution they make to the success of the organisation and should be a fundamental part of a benefits package.

Employee recognition is not just about what you spend on making this acknowledgement but the way in which you do it that will determine whether the employee feels appreciated or not.

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