Retirement Gifts

Honour, Salute, Acclaim !

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Retirement is a big thing in somebody’s life. It is the time to look back on a job well done and to look forward to the next chapter of your life.

It is a time when everyday becomes Boss Day and everyday becomes Employee Appreciation Day

Having dedicated Years of Long Service working, being acknowledged and appreciated for a lifetimes achievement and contribution in the work place with a retirement gift ensures the retiree leaves with a warm heart and the ever lasting respect for the company which has effectively shaped their lives.

Retirement can be a sad day for both parties but also a day for salutation and recognition by fellow colleagues.

Whatever your budget Havens can deliver retirement gifts for men or for women that are truly welcomed and personal, a treasured memory of the past.

Contact us or call Nigel Havens or Sue Rendall now and let us help you with retirement gift ideas

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