Thankyou Gifts

Appreciate, Acknowledge, Thank !

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There are often times when you feel the need to show your appreciation in some small way.

A member of staff that has gone that extra mile to see through something that is important. A customer who has entrusted you with a meaningful order. A supplier on your wave length has helped you to fulfil a promised deadline.

There is also the odd occasion when things go pear shaped and the customer understands these things happen and appreciates your efforts in putting things right. Usually these gifts are tokens, small gestures that you acknowledge when good is done.

The joy of giving is sometimes tempered
by the anxiety of choosing appropriate gifts.

That is where Havens can help. Most items are available from stock and can be delivered beautifully Gift wrapped ensuring that they are well received and create the desired impact.

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Contact us or call Nigel Havens or Sue Rendall now, thank you never meant so much